• Why Are Your Courses So Cheap?

    We wanted to make learning accessible to everyone no matter your budget or socio economic background.

  • Why choose Music Workflow Academy

    We are here to help the grass roots of the music industry. There isn't enough help out there for beginner music producers and DJ's looking to go pro so we decided to fill that gap in the market.

  • Why choose Omar Meho?

    Omar Meho has performed at festivals in front of 12,500+ people. He knows what it takes to fill a venue and how to finish a song in 15 minutes and get it played on BBC Radio 1.

  • Where can I buy?

    You can enrol in our Ableton course here and our DJ course here. Join our community today to become a part of 100,000 individuals in 170 countries and become a part of our family.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you can access these lessons from any platform. Each course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Once a customer clicks on the website, they order a product/course. They are taken to the page to pay and upon completion get access to the course content. The end user receives all products typically instantly via email or direct access to our personalised student dashboard.
Most major card distributors are accepted. A loan can be taken out via SweetPay. PayPal and Stripe are accepted as well.
We offer cost-effective courses that ensure results. If you are passionate about music then this course is definitely for you.
After purchasing, you'll be taken to your bespoke student portal. Access courses and communities.
You can contact our support team via email: contact@musicworkflowacademy.com
You can cancel at any time. If you prefer to own a course outright just buy it by clicking the sign me up button below or browse our full range of courses.