The 7 Steps To Our Ableton Programme

“Familiarise yourself with what Ableton actually does. We all remember our first time in Ableton where it actually looks like a spaceship. We break down each button of the interface and explains what it does so you can understand the "controls" of Ableton and get started.”

“One of the main benefits of Ableton is that DJ's can play live sets. We look at Arrangement View and Session view and explain the differences and the pro's and con's of each. So that you can begin to paint your canvas of instruments, create a song and how to perform live sets using Ableton's Session View.”

“In this course you'll learn how to create your very first song. Includes 15-minute start-to-finish tutorials on Drill music, House, Techno, Drum & Bass and more as well as longer tutorials breaking down what makes a successful song in each genre. A finished song is 80% arrangement 10% mixing and 10% mastering. This course comes with lifetime mastering and unlimited samples so you can flesh out your sample library and create the music you want.”

“Learn the mixing techniques that make a song sound polished and ready for listener's consumption and radio. Panning instruments, creating depth and crystal clean mixes so your song sounds good on the radio, in the car, on a set of speakers or headphones.”

“Learn the illustrious step of mastering. Techniques used to make your track sound full and finished. Know when to stop arranging your tracks and get them sounding full and ready to play in your own DJ sets in clubs.”

“Learn how to get your music on Spotify, Beatport, iTunes and more. Get complete email templates to approach labels and how to promote your music to global artists to get your music heard.”

“Get access to 24/7 support from Omar. Opportunities for 1-to-1 tuition are now available. Ask questions in Omar's weekly Q&A hosted within the course. Join our communities on Discord, Facebook Groups and exclusive YouTube communities. You will now have a finished mastered song ready to play and complete competency in Ableton.”

What our Students are saying?

Some have seen amazing success after finishing the course!

“• After completing the course, I am now throwing my own events in San Fransisco”

“• I am now signed to a record label and reached 70,000+ streams on my First E.P On Spotify!”

“• I learnt music production and I am now signed to Omar's record label!”

“• I am now proficient in DJ'ing and Music Production and I am performing at house parties and events.”

“• I am now progressing towards a career in the music industry.”

“• I have now perfected my workflow and fully understand Ableton.”

“• I have now signed to the record label of my dreams Program!”

“• I have found value in the distribution sections. I am now signed to my dream record label”

“• I now am proficient with Ableton and playing my own tracks out in sets.”

Included In The Course

  • 10+ comprehensive course modules

    Over 10 structured course modules for easy, step-by-step learning. Firstly learn the audio interface and your way around Ableton Live, then we will go into audio effects, then arrangement tips, then creating a track in 15 minutes and how to get unfinished tracks off your computer, then we will look at mixing and mastering and will finish with distribution and bonuses.

  • 100+ lessons

    Create a track from start to finish. Hand crafted lessons designed to help you with achieve your music production goals. (some lessons are downloadable). Each lesson is hand crafted to feed you information slowly that's not overwhelming. You can take a break at any time and bring a notepad - optional.

  • 50+ Downloadable resources

    Get access to set templates, e-books, mixing graphs, 300x acapellas, 100's of Serum, Diva, Omnisphere, Sylenth1 presets, TR909, TR808 Sample Packs and tonnes more with this action packed course (50+ resources). This will revolutionise your workflow and improve your music production skills greatly. Updated regularly with the latest plugins.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome To The Course

    2. The Three Stages Of The Music Production Process - Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering

    3. 1. Audio Interface - Part 1

    4. 2. Audio Interface

    5. How To Make A Speed Garage Track Like Conducta, Interplanetary Criminal, Main Phase In Ableton Live 11

    6. How To Make A Drum & Bass Track In 10 Minutes Like Lenzman, Hybrid Minds, Trex, Serum & More Part 1

    7. 3. Collections (Colours)

    8. 4. Pitch Envelope

    9. 6. Full Arrangement Template (Template Included)

    10. 5. How To Drag Sample Packs & Serum Presets Into Ableton Live Suite

    11. 7. Compression

    12. 9. Saturation

    13. 8. Sidechaining Advanced *Template Included*

    14. 12. Bass Processing

    15. 11. EQ Eight - EQ Stock

    16. 15. Audio --> Midi Conversion + Midi --> Audio Conversion + Quantize + Groove Pool.

    17. 14. Reference Track + Energy

    18. 16. Vocal Processing Tip

    19. 17. Audio Effect Rack

    20. 19. My Preferences/Sample Rate

    21. 18.How To Make A Rolling Acid House Bassline Using MIDI IN Ableton Live In 60 Seconds

    22. 20. Warp Modes (Complex Pro, Complex, Texture, Repitch, Beats.)

    23. 22. Submit Track (Optional)

    24. 21. Resources

    25. How To Create An LFO Wobble Bass In Ableton Live Suite

    26. Saturation Episode 2

    27. EQ Episode 2

    28. EQ And Reverb Episode 3

    29. Hybrid Reverb

    30. Audio Effect Racks

    31. How To Make A Track Like Sweely

    32. Modulating The LFO Rate In Xfer Serum

    33. Creating Awesome Sounds With The Serum FX Section!

    34. Ableton And DJ Lesson

    1. 23. Finishing a House Track in 15 minutes.

    2. 24. How to Finish a Tech House Track in 15 minutes *link to finished track included*

    3. 25. How to finish a Deep House/Pure Tech House Track in 15 minutes

    4. 26. How to make a Tech House Afterparty track in 15 minutes *Project file included*

    5. 27. How to make a Minimal House track in 15 minutes. *Samples + MP3 Included*

    6. 28. How to make a MIDI Track in less than 10 minutes! *Template Included*

    7. 29. Learning Deconstruction of a track *MP3 Included for reference track*

    8. 30. Learn how to make a track from scratch (No time-limit, pure freedom.)

    9. 31. Learn how to make a Techno track from scratch in 15 minutes using audio.

    10. 32. Live lesson back and forth finishing a track

    11. 33. Bass House Track. Night Bass (AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo)

    12. 34. LIVE Q&A: How To Make A Tech House Bassline From Scratch.

    13. 35. How To Make A Jovial House Track

    14. 36. Progressive House Track Walkthrough.

    15. 37. Making a MIDI track from Scratch (The Toad) Part 1

    16. 38. Making A MIDI Tech House Track From Scratch Part 2

    17. 39. Making a Neurofunk Liquid Track

    18. 40. Making a track using the Jengi Tribal House sample pack.

    19. 41. Making A Tech House Creation V2 track In Ableton Live 10 Suite.

    20. 42. Making a Micro House Track Part 1

    21. 43. Making a Micro House Track Part 2

    22. 44. Making A Track With No loops Using Only A Synthesiser. (SH101)

    23. 45. Making a Techno Track in Ableton Live 10 Suite.

    24. 46. Making A Detroit House Track in Ableton Live 10

    25. 47. Making A Disco Track In Ableton Live 10 Suite

    26. 48. Tantra VST Walkthrough & Explanation.

    27. 49. How To Use MIDI In Arrangement View In Ableton

    28. 50. Making A Melodic Techno Track In Ableton Live 10 Suite.

    29. 51. Key *Includes Full Tech House Template*

    30. 52. Making A Jacking Tech House Track In Ableton 11 Using CR2 Sample Pack.

    31. 53. How To Make A Track Like David Penn

    32. 54. Making A Raw House Track Using Automation.

    33. 55. How To Make An Afro House Track Like Black Coffee.

    34. 56. Making A Minimal/Deep Tech Track In Under 30 Minutes Using Xfer Serum VST.

    35. 57. Making A Tech House Track In Under 30 Minutes In Ableton Live Suite 10.

    36. 58. A Full Track Walkthrough + Mixdown Included.

    37. 59. Making A Minimal/Deep Tech Track Using iO Mullen Samples.

    38. 60. Making A Minimal/Deep Tech Track Using The Night-Funk Bass Sample Pack.

    39. 61.How To Make A Tech House Track Like FSHER Using CR2 Dirtyhouse pack. (Includes Samples, Presets, Audio & Project files).

    40. 62. Making A Solid Grooves Track In Ableton

    41. 63. Cutomatic Tutorial

    42. 64. Using PitchLoop89 In Ableton Live (Max4Live Plugin).

    43. 65. Bonus Kick Processing Techniques!

    44. 66. Learn How To Use The Slow Down Time Effect In Ableton Live.

    45. 67. LFO Track Template + Track + Tutorial

    46. 68. Making A Track Like Spectrasoul In Ableton 11 (DNB)

    47. 69. How To Make A DEEP-MEDI Dubstep Track In Ableton 11

    48. 70. Making A Bass House Track In Less Than 10 Minutes Using Ableton Live 10

    49. 71. Making A Track Like Sweely In Ableton Live Suite

    50. 73. Be Ready To Submit Your Track For Feedback! [Dropbox]

    51. Making A Hip Hop Beat Using MIDI In Ableton Live 11

    52. Opportunity for 1-to-1 Mentoring.

    1. 75. Mixing Down - The Mixdown Chart. (Advanced)

    2. 76. Mixing in Mono - Utility .

    3. 1 Hour Webinar

    1. 77. Mastering

    2. 78. Mastering Dropbox

    1. 79. Different Music Genres And History.

    2. 80. Final Elements Of The House Music Creation Process.

    3. History Of Techno With Omar Meho (1 Hour).

    1. 81. Installing VST's

    2. 82. SPAN

    3. 83. TyrellN6

    4. 84. Valhalla Supermassive Delay

Included with this course

  • £500.00
  • 123 lessons
  • 32.5 hours of video content
  • CPD Certified